Touch of Gospel § Pilsner Gospel Choir

Technical Requirements for Concerts

As there are over 30 singers in the choir at the moment, and also taking in account the space needed for the band, a stage of ca 6*5 m is needed to accommodate the whole ToG safe and convenient. The choir voices should stand on a 3-level set of rostra, the level height being 20–30 cm.

Sound System

  • Choir - Condenser microphones (e.g. AKG1000 type), min. 4, optimally 6 pcs
  • Soli & spoken word - 2-3 microphones, e.g. 3 Shure SM58 or 58beta, optimally cordless
  • Keyboards - Line 2Ă—
  • Bass quitar - Combo – Line or mike
  • Drums - min. 3 mikes – bass, snare, overhead
  • Guitar (el.) - Combo – microphone Shure SM57
  • Monitors – min. 2-way, optimally 4-way (front soli, side choir /2x/, 2x band)
    1. Choir & soli - 3-4 monitor speakers, choir optimally overhead, on stands at sides where not possible
    2. Band - 2-3 monitor speakers

Touch of Gospel Stage Plan

Choir & Band Stage Plan

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