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In the Beginning, There Was the Word …

… and Music, one would like to add, unafraid of being labelled as a heretic. We firmly believe that the Gospel (or, if you wish, the New Testament, the Good News, or the God’s Spell) and music have been going hand in hand since the very beginning of the History of Salvation.

And so here we are, spreading the Good News – singing. If you are keen on finding out more about who "we" are, here is a place to go. Want more? OK, here is the place to see more of us.

What’s in a name …?

The word "touch" has two main meanings that both in a sense explain the development of our efforts: There were times when the portion of gospel music in our repertoire could have been measured in pinches. Today, modern American and European gospel music is overwhelmingly the main genre that we sing, trying to touch the world around us passing thus the Good News on, for it is the Good News that makes most of the gospel song lyrics. You may wonder how a traditional church sung-liturgy support choir (in our Catholic tradition called "schola") becomes a thoroughbred gospel choir? To cut a long story short, we have become hooked into gospel and we get enormous joy from singing and playing it. And as joy shared is joy multiplied by the number of people in the audience, we would love to share it also with you – right in one of our concerts).

More About Gospel

If you are not familiar with gospel music, you may learn more at, where gospel is written about, discussed and researched with great fervour. We will also be pleased to read your messages on our concerts or anything else that you want to tell us; and should you see none of our concerts, asking us to make one for you seems the easiest thing in the world!

And now – Why Don’t You Come on in This House?

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